New Beginnings

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“Take risks, if you win , you will be happy, if you lose, you will be wise”. These words resonate sharply through my entire being as my fingers travel hesitantly across the keyboard trying to pile all my feelings, hopes and dreams into my first blog post. Fear does have the ability to keep you stagnant to restrict your movement and to conquer your very existence. I have wanted for so long to start this venture, I have visualized this very moment a thousand times. Typing numerous times only to erase the content time and time again in the search for perfection and the right time. Questions bombarded my every thought, the concept of not succeeding in the blogging realm, not being able to attract significant readership. I have wasted so much time focusing on what if’s that I have lost focus on what my passions and dreams are. As I sit here heart pounding and a lot braver but still a bit fearful , I have realized that I am ready to make that leap, even though I am quiet unsure of the outcome. It is far better than sitting with wondering eyes, I have decided to look towards the future, I have decided to embrace passion and look forward towards my own destiny. Welcome to Denique Style Journey .

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