Crochet Dress & Gladiator Sandal


2016-07-25 08.08.11 1.jpg

Hi Beauties;

I hope you all had a wonderful weekend and  got the chance to get some well deserved rest, with that in mind you’re fully refueled  for the challenges ahead of this week. On Sunday I enjoyed dinner at Gloria’s Seafood Restaurant  located in the historical town of  Port Royal.Google has no shortage of its history and its linkage to  Pirates of the Caribbean ( hi hi Captain, lol)  .I took the time to snap a few photos as I explored the historical site while we waited for our orders to be completed.

2016-07-25 08.08.14 1.jpg

The summer heat was on and I was thankful for my choice of attire. This crochet  dress is truly an effortless piece and can be complimented  with either a  flat sandal or strappy heel for a bit of an edgy touch.

2016-07-25 08.08.06 1.jpg

I went with a bit of a bohemian style bag  and grabbed my Ghana beads that matched the theme of the outfit and gold  gladiator sandal from payless. .

2016-07-25 01.50.50 1.jpg (similar)

If you’re ever in the mood for a bit of a chill spot or just exploring the Jamaican landscape stop by  Gloria’s for a visit your taste buds will thank you for it ,calling for a reservation to cut down on the waiting period does help though depending on  the particular day or time you choose to visit.

Continue to make the most of the week, see you soon.





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