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Processed with VSCO with hb1 presetEverything has beauty, but not everyone sees it- Confucius

Hey Beauties:

Building  your beauty collection can at times be a very daunting experience for some and with the constant advertisement of new products  all day and everyday it tends to lead to slight confusion for someone who has no idea of the various types of beauty products available. Just the thought of choosing the perfect foundation, the perfect brushes, lipsticks , moisturisers and the lists of perfect items continues…..

It may take, weeks, months and even years to acquire a collection of beauty items that you are totally proud of, and as you grow in knowledge of each items you will be quiet capable to know what exactly works for you and what doesn’t. The core makeup items  consist of moisturizers, primers, foundations , lipstick/lip glosses, concealers/ correctors,  eye shadow palettes, lashes ( may or may not be as important for you), blushes, settings sprays and of course loose or pressed powders.

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 A Clean well hydrated skin can and will improve the appearance of every makeup application, it is important  to choose a moisturiser whether low end/ high end that adds value to your skin, one that actually offers value for money, I recommend that you choose one that is for sensitive skin to reduce the risk of skin irritation.After all the hassle of applying a beat face its only fair that you will be able to extend the longevity of your makeup. a finishing spray  will revive the  appearance of your skin and reduce the potential of creasing of your makeup. Choose the right one that will compliment your skin, for dry skin stay away from alcohol based ones as these will remove moisture from the skin.

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Foundations are considered as the holy grail of the makeup world, finding the right foundation can be easy for some and as challenging for others as finding a needle in a haystack. If your are unfamiliar with the struggles of finding the perfect shade just ask the average makeup wearer out there. Know whether you have dry, oily or combination skin as the foundation you choose will have to address all these issues . The best solution to finding your perfect shade  is to get help from a professional and also doing a bit of personal research. Find out whats the best for your skin type and  what you can afford if you are on a budget. It doesn’t mean because its expensive/ affordable it will or will not be the perfect foundation  for  your skin tone.

Concealers  are of great importance as they will effectively cancel out any imperfections. Corrector on the other hand uses the concept of complementary colours by the usage  of the  colour wheel  to neutralize redness and dark circles.

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The use of lashes in any  makeup application adds drama to the finish look, and can dramatically change the look of any eye. The choice of lashes is different for everyone and is dependent on the effect that you’re  aiming for. 

Applying eye shadow with the right brushes changes the appearance significantly and allows for a more professional look. the effect will look less harsh as the difference will be evident. Whether matte, creme, shimmer or powdered shadows there is certainly a brush for each.

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Securing the right brush application is the perfect solution as the tool that is being used to paint the canvas will yield the perfect result if done properly and the right set of tools are used. Brush reviews can be used as  great advice  when considering which brands and types  to purchase.

I consider lipsticks to be a great mood changer that is able to enhance  the look of any makeup application from soft and sultry to passionate and bold . With  categories extending from matte, creme and shimmer  your sure to find your perfect shade.

Wow that was certainly a mouthful, please let me know what some of your core makeup must haves are and do have a wonderful week. Thanks for stopping by .





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