The Romper


The best preparation for tomorrow is doing your best today- H. Jackson Brown, Jr.

Hey Beauties:


Another day another week I hope you all are off to a wonderful start, just take it one day at a time and everything will certainly fall into place. I really wanted to focus on an item of clothing for this post that should be an essential item in everyone’s closet especially an item worn frequently throughout the hot summer months.Living in the tropics really allows me to go all out where rompers are concern because of our climatic conditions we are able to wear then all year round, But fret not they can be enjoyed during those summer month anywhere you are. Rompers or playsuit emerged in the 1970s as a fashion for adult women, usually a casual garment made of terrycloth, and often in a tube top style. They were common in the 1980s in a wider variety of materials.



summer style

Polyvore is an ideal platform  to create all your inspirational fashion sets, discover and shop and also offers the ability to view ideas from other persons, The sets created for this post was done using the polyvore site. “Call me the Goddess of Rompers, I am willing to take the crown.” The design and fabric of this floral romper allows  for comfort and the advantage of transitioning the outfit into a more dressy look by incorporating  sandals . With the aid of a Jacket and ankle booths they can also become a staple item for the early fall . The crossbody bag is just enough to hold those must have items while you’re  on the go , in terms of accessories  I certainly would stick to a minimalist approach. Adding too much would certainly overpower the outfit, such as bangles and earrings.

Date Night

This featured set makes a perfect outfit for those summer date night. The structure , the cut and style adds a more sophisticated effect and I though the ankle strappy sandals would be the perfect complement for this outfit. The red shoes theory has been tested and tried so the  pop of colour is more  focused on the lips, the  clutch and the bangle each held the same pearl effect a bit trendy but stylish in there own right.

I could go on and on about the wonders of the Romper/ Playsuit but my best advice is just to be creative and find the type and style  that works best for you.

It would be wonderful to hear how you guys style your Rompers. Do continue to have a blessed week and Thanks for stopping by.



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