Happy New Year

“Setting goals is the first step in turning the invisible into the visible.” – Tony Robbins


Hey Beauties;

Happy New Year 🤗🤗🎊🎊, yes I know I am very very  late on the bandwagon🙈🙈. As the essence of the new year lingers among us we are consumed with the need to establish resolutions for 2017, but do we really think about what we really want to achieve or has it become for some of us a constant routine of writing a list of items that is forgotten within the third month of the year.Are we really focused on areas of our lives that we really want improvement or are we too easily distracted by the constant happenings among us that we easily loose focus of our paths.

In depth soul-searching is one of the most effective ways to highlight the steps that we really need to take to improve our lives and in turn the persons that surrounds us. Whether it is becoming a committed saver , getting that new  car, becoming more healthy,  acquiring new skills, starting a family or becoming more family oriented it takes commitment. A one time chance won’t do it, it has to become a continuous approach. So think  more about achieving your resolutions in phases.

Reinforcing each goal as you complete each month and even documenting each achievement no matter how minor does help to push you closer to your goals. Do not become discouraged if certain time lines are not met I know its only humane to find ourselves in that mode.Rather try and celebrate each minor achievements as you go along, remember the race is not for the swift but those who can endure.

I would love to hear what some of your resolutions are. Thank you for stopping by.

Love  Denique. 😘😘



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