Beauty Crush 

​The love of beauty is taste.The creation of beauty is art – Ralph Waldo Emerson 

Hey Beauties;

So I have definitely been hearing talks about a few beauty products and I took it upon myself to really test some and form my own opinion.

1. The Morphe brushes 35F Palette

 I really wanted to see if all the hype that surrounded the morphebrushes collection were really worth it, countless reviews have given high marks for just about any product produced by this brand, and based on what I have seen the colour payoff and pigmentation of  each eyeshadow does hold true. The mixture of 7mattes and 28Metallics/shimmers of the 35F in particular is very unique and would fit just about any personality whether it’s someone who would rather go for the  subtle  looks or that  diva that loves the glam factor. 

When applied the shadows will last all day until removed and with the aid of a primer it will be even more vibrant. On days when I really want that extra buzz I normally add a bit of fix plus on my flat shadow brush which in turn increases the metallic look when applied.  
With a price of $22.99USD when compared to a variety of luxury brands it does score top marks, I would highly recommend anyone to purchase this or any other Morphe Palette. I would consider it a must have in any professional Makeup Artist kit. 

2. Juviasplace Masquerade Palette

OMG😍😍 !!! Where should I start🤔🤔😆, I totally fell inlove with this palette from just seeing  its packaging , the vibrant colours can be seen from all angles , the afrocentric figures used allows for a unique  identifying factor and the wonderful inspiration by African festivities makes the palette one of a kind. 

The palette has a total of 16 eyeshadows, 5mattes and 11Metallics/shimmers. The pigmentation and colour choices is every chocolate girl dream come true. All skin type in fact would be able to carry off the colours in this palette. 

The eyeshadows can be used both wet and dry so try to invest in a very good quality setting spray. This has been one of the products that I can truly say I have been getting my monies worth, I am yet to try the other products from juviasplace but I am positive that they won’t be a disappointment. 

3. Nyx  Soft Matte Lip Cream

This  can be considered as one of those colours that you will be reaching for very often. The shape of the applicator brush allows for precise motion when using this lip cream. The formula does not get blotchy or starts to peel after drying when applied. Mixing with other lipsticks has yield impressive results. As with any matte lipstick before application it is always best to properly exfoliate and hydrate lips(with a lip balm)  as this will aid  in acheiving the best results when the lip Cream is applied. 
4. LA. Girl Strobe Lite strobing Powder 

LA. Girl Cosmetics has truly made these products quiet attractive, the packaging is unique and I was impressed with the consistency of the powders and how they would transfer on the skin. 

Strobe Lite Strobing Powder

I tried these out on my cousin both as a cheek highlight and a bit to define her nose, both strobing powders were mixed to achieve this effect.Form the swatches that I had tested before purchasing I loved the buttery consistency of these two. At first glance the 100Watt might seem a bit too glittery but by using a fan brush or even fingers it really does not  reflect that way on the skin but glides on without excess leaving shimmer.

If you have ever been hesitant about purchasing any of these products, having tried them I would say make the purchase you won’t be disappointed. Let me know if you have tried any other these produce also and what has been your experiences with them .

Thanks for stopping by . 🤗🤗☺Denique 


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