Hello Spring 

Hey Beauties;

It’s  really been a long while,  I have been so overwhelmed with the last semester in school which has really left me with limited time to do anything but complete assignments and study for those incourse tests.

Jumper from rudeboyclothing.ja (instagram) 

For me I am a lover of spring, the hues the softness of the blush, nudes and pastels that tend to add a bit of softness to any outfit.

(Similar) https://www.blueinc.co.uk/womens-pink-embellished-neck-hairy-knit-jumper-p24353

For the past few weeks the unpredictable weather patterns have really allowed me to be able to rock the pastel jumper (sweater) and I have been loving how it compliments pencil skits,  shorts or even ripped jeans, I am truly  in love with its overall  versatility.

I would love to hear what your favorite spring fashion must haves  are and how you have been pairing them. 

Thanks for stopping by.

Denique XOXO. 


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